Thursday, April 29, 2010

primo cosmetics and a mail drought

I don't know if I've shared, but I also blog for My blog there kandidkell shares my experiences with many different great cosmetics and services. I love trying new things and sharing my discoveries. Also, because of my frugality I like getting said items/services for free :) :) :) Prettycity sends me products to try in return for my blogging. I get brand name exclusive cosmetics in return for my time (just a few minutes) and my words. Its a win/win!

There's been a mail drought for me. No freebies or samples in days!!!! I think I'm going through withdrawals. However I did receive my steam mop/ vacuum for my focus group via FEDEX (who I now have a beef with).  What a wonderful product. I look forward to sharing that at a later time (not including brand names of course).  Plus I recently found a website that list places to take surveys/ do focus groups/ and generally how to make money at home on the internet. It is there is a wealth of info about which companies are legit, etc... I'll be signing up with a few more focus groups and see if anything pans out. I'll post the ones I get good results with.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

mystery shopping

A call from DSG associates puts me on a new path. They are a mystery shop company. I am a newbie to mystery shops and will post my experiences as they come. I have always heard of mystery shopping and often wondered how to get hired to do that. With the hundreds of advertisers of mystery shopping ( most of them bogus) I was cautious about applying. I got the name of DSG from a wonderful blog I subscribe to : Between that and Free Stuff Times, I have learned so many valuable tips for getting free stuff! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monetizing my blog

I've been playing around recently with monetizing my blog. I can add ads that pay per page, etc.... I started blogging for fun, but if I can profit from it as well ...... It is just an idea in the making. I'm still awaiting free stuff to distribute. There are lots of earth day freebies to be had today. Check Free Stuff Times for a listing. That's where I get a majority of my freebies. And also where I found places to sign up for product testing. A truly great site indeed!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I've been a little lax the last year about stockpiling. Stockpiling is when you find a rockbottom price (sometimes free) on a product and you buy enough to last a 6mo-1yr. My stockpiles a slowly dwindling away to nothing. Soon I will be scouring sites like Hot Coupon World and Southern Savers to find the absolute best prices and build my piles again. I will post my very best deals as soon as I find them

Friday, April 16, 2010

Today is about the greatness of focus groups. Focus groups are like survey companies that send you products to review and give feedback on or have you participate in online discussions. Or maybe even both. They are about specific subjects or products and usually compensate well. Two that come to mind are Focus Forward and 20/20. Both are legit companies that compensate well for your opinions. We all have opinions and we should get paid to give them to companies!