Thursday, December 31, 2009

internet money

This is a new year, and I'm going in a new direction. I want to make money or at least gift cards from the internet. I'm signing up for survey sites and focus groups. I'd like to make between $100 and $200 dollars this year. I know this goal is low, but it is acheivable and gives me something to strive towards. Last year I got at least 1 $25 game stop giftcard and now that I know they are legit, I will be filling out every survey to get more. And that is only from 1 site. I will be keeping you posted on who gives you the most for your time.

this weeks freebies

So, last week in my mailbox I got a new pair of shoes from New Balance to test and a package from All You magazine! (Merry Christmas to me:))And the week before that I got a package from (Your Shape Wii game and Jello mousse temptations). This week so far I have only gotten 2 samples of Poptarts new wild grape flavor (yum!) and 5 harlequin books to hand out to my friends. I'm going to add the links at the end to sign up at all these place. It takes quite a bit of time to fill out all these things online, but everything I post a link to has paid off for me. (you may have to copy and paste these links-I'm working on it )

kells internet treasure

So, if you know me at all, you'll know I'm always on the lookout for great new deals and freebies :) I'm getting asked all the time how do find all those great deals, how come you always get great freebies in the mail? Well I've decided to have my own blog about it! I will post updates on great new freebies and product tests as I come across them so that you can use this info too.