Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Kelly's cake off for a cause"

Let me tell you about a good way to contribute to a great cause ,without spending a dime! Kelly Ripa's new "cake off" for ovarian cancer research is a great way to do just that. Kelly and Buddy Valastro from "Cake Boss" on TLC are baking extravagant cakes in support of OCRF and have invited five teams to participate in a "cake off". The teams are using what they have learned from Kelly and Buddy to make their own cake creations. You can vote on their delightful cakes at . For every vote, Electrolux donates $1 to OCRF. So, login today and vote!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

finding gold in my mailbox

More goodys for me this week in my mailbox. More poptarts from Pop tarts sprinklings. A 2 pack of my childs fav pop tarts because it's his 1/2 birthday. That means its 6 months till his birthday :) a great idea for celebrating. Got a great TIGI girls just want it lip palate (very nice), trash bag sample from sams. Stim u dent toothpick samples free oreo coupon was nice too! Yay to the Mannings for winning the Oreo challange- both were from Facebook samples/giveaways. On a sad note, I had to ship my New Balance shoes back this week, but I did apply for 3 houseparties. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tigi's lip palate and a map of texas

Todays mail was a TIGI lip palate (VERY NICE FREEBIE), and a Texas tourism book (think phone book thick). Came with a map of Texas (my kids love maps what can I say).
Also, a 2010 calendar from somewhere in Europe - totally didn't expect that one to come but it did :) I am saddened to say that my New Balance shoes have to go back this week :( I love getting them and testing them, but hate to see them go. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a new pair in the next few months and am looking on the bright side. I had a new mission today but instead of a product to try, it gave a coupon. Not sure I like that, but since they did give me a full size Vitacraves, I think I'll give em another chance. I think the snow must be slowing down the mail cause I haven't been loaded with freebies like usual.